Advisory of GSO 20170610 Concert Program Change

We hereby announce to our audience that the GSO 2016/2017 season special production 3: “Eagles” Symphony – Musical Tales of China will be conducted by Maestro Li Haiying at the Xinghai Concert Hall on 10 June 2017. The original program Chinese Fairy Tales (Tone Poem) and the Chinese Dances will be changed as the following:

Li Haiying Chinese Dances (World premiere)
1.Playing in the Rain (Guangzhou Nursery Rhymes)
2.The Sky (Composed by Wulantuoga)
3.The Love Song in the Mountains (Hunan Folk Song)
4.Tianjin Clapper Talk
5.Melancholy of Missing (Shanxi Folk Song)
6.Crossing the River (Composed by Li Haiying)

Composed by Li Haiying Symphony Epic “Our Sun Yat-sen”
Lyrics by Li Haiying, Tian Di, Li Shu, Qiu Shuhong
1.Our Sun Yat-sen
Part I: My Hometown and the Sea
4.The Young Boy Following the Sea
Part II Xinhai Revolution
5.Anger from the Zhujiang River
6.Dear China
7.Sad Melody
8.Gunfire is Order
Part III: The Dawn of the Republican
9.Save the Country with Industry
10.Melody of Love
11.The Last Run for the Republic
12.Prime Minister’s Testament

Fei Qifang, soprano Wang Hongrao, mezzo-soprano Wang Chuanliang, tenor Feng Guodong, baritone Little Skylark Children’s Choir

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this change. Thank you very much for your understanding. For further program inquiries, please contact us: 020-37583782. For ticket inquiries, please contact the Xinghai Concert Hall: 020-87358735.

Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra