• Time:2020-07-08 20:00
  • Venue:Chamber Hall, Xinghai Concert Hall
  • Price:¥80

1,716th concert since the GSO’s inaugural “Music Season” in May 1998

Music Happy Hour : Magnificent Brass
2020.7.8(星期三 / Wed.)20:00
Chamber Hall, Xinghai Concert Hall
GSO Brilliant Brass Quintet
Hu Jian (GSO Principal Trumpet), lecturer

1.Tylman Susato
Renaissance Dances

2.Johann Sebastian Bach (arr. Harry Herforth)
My Spirit be Joyful

3.Hayato Hirose
Cotswolds Pictures for Brass Quintet

4.Sonny Kompanek
Killer Tango

5.Joseph Kosm (arr. Nob@dy)
Autumn Leaves

6.Misaki Sato Youngmin (arr. Tohru Kanayama)
Theme from Neon Genesis Evangelion

7.Guangdong Music (arr. Howard Cable)
Colorful Clouds Chasing the Moon

8.Billy Kao (arr. Nob@dy)
Warm it up

9.Herbert Kretzmer and Charles Aznavour (arr. Takatomi Nobunaga)

10.Arranged by John Iveson
Frere Jacques

11.Jay Chou (arr. Nob@dy)
Cowboy on the Run

12.Danny Flores (arr. Nob@dy)

Hu Jian, Yang Chieh, trumpet
Li Qingfeng, horn
Sun Yushu, trombone
Zheng Yuyang, tuba
Hsieh I-Chien (Guest Artist), percussion