Zhou Tian’s Night Tour not only connects China with the West, but also incorporates distinctive jazz rhythms into Chinese traditional music and modernism, highlighting virtuosity and spinning sonic brilliance. In this work, soloist and orchestra play against and with each other, creating tension and exhilaration. Bruckner’s works are noted for their philosophical gravitas, and his Symphony No.5 in B-flat major marks the composer successfully shedding the shadow of Wagner’s harmonic language and orchestration. This symphony is a grand and complex large-scale work resplendent in instrumental colors and musical poetics.

  • Time:2024-03-09 19:30
  • Venue:Zhuhai Huafa & CPPA Grand Theatre·Opera Hall
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Subscription Concert 11
2024.3.9 Sat. 19:30
Zhuhai Huafa & CPPA Grand Theatre·Opera Hall

Zhou Tian
Violin Concerto “Night Tour”

Anton Bruckner
Symphony No.5 in B-flat major, WAB 105

Shao-Chia Lü, conductor
Lin Ruifeng, violin