• Time:2024-07-07 15:00
  • Venue:Symphony Hall, Xinghai Concert Hall
  • Price:¥150

Pops Concert
Bay Area Fantasies
Symphony Hall, Xinghai Concert Hall
Huang Yi, conductor/lecturer
Guest Composers: Li Haiying, Chen Si’ang, Zhou Tian, Fang Dongqing, Elliot Leung
Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra

Li Haiying
Selections from Symphony “CHINA 1921” (GSO Commissioned in 2021)
1.Prologue-1st Movement
2.Romance-4th Movement
3.Finale-5th Movement

Chen Si’ang
Second Movement from Symphony No.1 “Expedition” (GSO Commissioned in 2022)

Zhou Tian
Metropolis (GSO Commission)

Fang Dongqing
Selections from Grand Symphonic Divertimento Capriccio the Greater Bay Area (GSO Commissioned in 2023)
1.Overture: Capriccio the Greater Bay Area
2.Great Bay Area as Business Hub-3rd Movement

Elliot Leung
Operation Red Sea Concert Suite (GSO Commission, World Premiere)
1.Gulf of Aden
2.Enter the Sea Gragons
3.Armed to the Teeth
4.Dawn After Dark
5.Operation Red Sea