William Shakespeare’s The Midsummer Night’s Dream is a fairy-tale that, despite its absurdist plot twists, imparts far deeper philosophies on life and love. Mendelssohn’s incidental music for the play is not only poetic and dramatic but also romantic, with an Overture and Wedding March that have long entered the popular consciousness. Even Shakespeare would applaud our programming The Midsummer Night’s Dream!

  • Time:2016-04-23 20:00
  • Venue:Symphony Hall, Xinghai Concert Hall
  • Price:¥VIP280/180/120/80

Felix Mendelssohn
Overture to A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Sergei Prokofiev
Selections from Romeo and Juliet Suite
1.The Montagues and the Caplets (No.2-Ⅰ)
2.Madrigal (No.1-Ⅲ)
3.Death of Tybalt (No.1-Ⅶ)
4.Romeo at Juliet’s Gave (No.2-Ⅶ)

—— Intermission ——

Ralph Vaughan Williams
Serenade to Music from The Merchant of Venice

Richard Strauss
Macbeth, Op.23

Pre-Concert Talk

Pre-Concert Talk 6:
Jing Huan, lecturer
19:15 Sat. 23 Apr 2016
Xinghai Concert Hall Lobby