• Time:2021-07-07 20:00
  • Venue:Chamber Hall, Xinghai Concert Hall
  • Price:¥80

Music Happy Hour: Shining Red Star
Chamber Hall, Xinghai Concert Hall
GSO Brilliant Brass Quintet
Chen Qing (GSO President), lecturer

1.Zhu Jian’er (arr. Lewis Poh )
Singing a Mountain Song for the Party

2.Fu Gengchen (arr. Lewis Poh)
Red Star Shows Me the Way

3.Ma Ke (arr. Howard Cable)
Nan Ni Wan

4.He Lüting (arr. Howard Cable)
Song of the Guerrillas

5.Yin Qing (arr. Lewis Poh)
In the Heat of the Sun

6.Fujian Folk Dance (arr. Howard Cable)
Catching Butterflies When Picking Tea

7.Hou Te-Chien (arr. Lewis Poh)
The Great Wall will Never Fall

8.Xinjiang Folk Song
Silvery Moonlight Night
(Composed by Wang Luobin / Arranged by Jiang Junfu)

9.Hou Te-Chien (arr. Lewis Poh)
Legend of the Dragon

10.Liu Chi (arr. Howard Cable)
My Motherland

Hu Jian, Yang Chieh, trumpet
Li Qingfeng, horn
Sun Yushu, trombone
Zheng Yuyang, tuba
Hsieh I-Chien (Guest Artist), percussion