• Time:2017-06-28 20:00
  • Venue:Chamber Hall, Xinghai Concert Hall
  • Price:¥50

Music Happy Hour 3: A Splendorous Era
Chamber Hall, Xinghai Concert Hall
GSO Brass Quintet
Ran Ran, saxophone
Lee Hyanggee, percussion

一、 A Splendorous Era – Cartoon Version
1.Just want to say loudly, ‘I love you’ from Slam Dunk
Composed by Tatana Yoshio / Arranged by Nob@dy

2.Theme from Doraemon
Composed by Kikuchi Shunsuke / Arranged by Hiroki Takahashi

3.Theme from Ikkyū-san
Composed by Seiichiro Uno / Arranged by Nob@dy

4.Theme from Black Cat Sheriff
Composed by Cai Lu / Arranged by Song Chao

二、A Splendorous Era – Golden Melodies Version
1.Little Swallow
Composed by Wang Yunjie / Arranged by Eric Reed

Composed by Luo Tayu Lo / Arranged by Eric Reed

3.Teresa Teng Medley
Arranged by Nob@dy

4.Michael Jackson Medley
Arranged by Lewis Poh

三、A Splendorous Era – Movie Version
1.Theme Music from Transformers
Composed by Steve Jablonsky / Arranged by Nob@dy

2.Theme Song from You Are the Apple of My Eye
Composed by Mitsutoshi Kimura / Arranged by Nob@dy

3.Theme Music from Singin’ in the Rain
Composed by Nacio Herb Brown & Arthur Freed
Arranged by Alan Fernie

4.Theme Song from Shanghai Beach
Composed by Joseph Koo / Arranged by Song Chao

5.Theme Song from The Legend of the Condor Heroes
Composed by Joseph Koo / Arranged by Lewis Poh