Gustav Mahler, born in 1860 in Bohemia, and Ernest Bloch, born in 1880 in Switzerland, were both composers of Jewish descent. Schelomo is a single-movement rhapsody featuring cello solo and orchestra. Focusing on the historical figure of King Solomon, the music celebrates Hebrew sentiments and the noble Jewish spirit. Mahler suffered discrimination because of his Jewish heritage, but his music has little direct connection with Judaism. His Symphony No.1 heralds a composer with a unique and personal musical language: the entire symphony seems already filled with the distinguishing character of Mahler’s music to come.

  • Time:2021-05-08 20:00
  • Venue:Symphony Hall, Xinghai Concert Hall
  • Price:¥380/280/180/80

Subscription Concert 14
Organizer: Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra, Xinghai Concert Hall
2021.5.8( Sat.)20:00
Symphony Hall, Xinghai Concert Hall
Huang Yi, conductor
Zhao Yunpeng, cello
Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra

Ernest Bloch

Zhao Yunpeng, cello

—— Intermission ——

Gustav Mahler
Symphony No.1 in D major (“Titan”)
1.Langsam Schleppend
2.Kräftig bewegt, doch nicht zu schnell
3.Feierlich und gemessen,
ohne zu schleppen
4.Stürmisch bewegt